Hermeslashes Eyelash Glue

Hermeslashes Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is an important partner for False eyelashes.

In terms of comfort, the influencing factors are Eyelashes band and lash glue. The softness of the eyelash stalk determines whether the Eyelashes band can be affixed to the eyes with no faint feeling. The quality of the Eyelash glue determines whether the Mink eyelashes can be firmly adhered to the eyes and does not hurt the eyes. It is easy to remove when removing makeup.

Be aware that if the Eyelash glue is of poor quality and is not strong, there will be an embarrassing situation in which the 3d eyelashes are detached or partially detached. If the Lash glue is doped with industrial glue for firmness, it will cause irritation to the eyes and it will not be easy to remove and hurt your own Eyelashes.

Hermeslashes offers the Highest quality eyelashes with the softest and best crafted eyelashes. In order to make customers comfortable, it also provides environmental Eyelashes glue.

Our glue is not doped with any industrial glue or white glue, and in order to achieve the goal of not harming the skin, vitamin C and vitamin E are added to ensure the protection of the eye skin under firm conditions. It can also be removed by wiping with water.

Hermeslashes eyelash glue can be customized. If you want to put your shop / company name or your logo on the Eyelash glue, it is ok~

Choose Hermeslashes, Choose the best products!

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