Custom your eyelashes– Hermeslashes Custom Eyelash

Custom your eyelashes–Hermeslashes Custom Eyelash

With the pursuit of beauty, the style of eyelashes is increasing. So, have you designed Your own eyelashes?

In fact, many customers have told me that Eyelash business is not only a way to make money, but also to express their cognition and belief to the world. Therefore, they would like to design their own Eyelash styles.

From its inception to the present 11 years, Hermeslahses has adhered to original design and designed many series of Eyelashes of different lengths, thicknesses and styles. It also helped many customers design their own Eyelashes.

So how do you customize your own Custom eyelash?

First of all, the Eyelash style.

If you already have a Favorite eyelash style as a reference and have some ideas of your own, our designers will make a rendering according to your requirements.

If you don’t have a Mink eyelash style you like, you can refer to all of our styles to choose your favorite style, and then our designers will help you Customize your own eyelashes according to your preferences.

And if you already have your own ideas, but don’t have Specific eyelash styles, you can tell our designers about your requirements, such as: big cross, small cross, mesh cross, length and interval, etc., then the designer of Hermeslashes will Make a rendering of your request.

Second, the basic attributes of the 3D eyelashes. The length of the Eyelashes, the degree of density, the degree of curling, the number of layers of raw materials, the shape of the Custom eyelashes (short length, length, length, length, etc.) can be customized according to your preferences.

Customizing your own Mink lash style is not just about adding a unique new product to yourself, but also an opportunity to express yourself once.

Choose hermeslashes and choose your own Eyelash design

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How to place an order?

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