How To Choose A Suitable Eyelashes Package-Eyelashes Tray?

How to choose a suitable Eyelashes PackageEyelashes Tray when you purchase from Hermeslashes?

Eyelashes Tray is an important part of storing Beautiful Mink Eyelash. So how do you choose a suitable eyelash tray?


I have said in my blog that both the Lashes Packaging and the High Quality Eyelash Tray are used to set off the 3D Mink Eyelashes. Their role is to store the eyelashes and make the eyelashes look perfect. Therefore, the styles of the entire package depend on the style characteristics of the eyelashes.

There are many styles of 3D Mink Lashes tray in our company. Today we use 6 classic models with regular size to show you how to choose a suitable eyelash tray.

We can proceed from the followingthree  points and choose a tray suitable for your eyelashes.


2. Size & Length

3. Quantity


  • Shape

The shape of the eyelash tray depends on the shape and characteristics of the eyelashes.

If it is a short ends and long middle Design Eyelashes, it is very suitable for the No. 1 eyelash tray, round tray. The streamlined curvature of the eyelashes is perfectly matched to the Round Eyelash Box.



If it is a short front and longer in the back Scalloped Eyelashes, it is very suitable for the No.2 eyelash tray, the obtuse square eyelash tray(Square Eyelash Box).The name of the second Eyelash Holder is: the eye of the owl. The upper part of the eyelashes is an obtuse triangle like the eyes of an owl. This design is also perfect for highlighting the length of the eyelashes.



  • Size & Length

Eyelashes come in a variety of lengths. Eyelash trays come in many sizes. The length of the eyelashes and the size of the eyelash tray should be matched. It’s like people will choose the size of clothes according to the height and weight.

The thin  Natural Lashes and the 3D Natural Eyelashes are 10-16mm Lashes. You can choose the No. 1 or No. 2 Eyelashes Tray. As you can see from the picture, this length is matched with this size of the Eyelashes Tray, the effect is very suitablel. If  use the No. 3 No. 4 eyelash tray, it will look like the eyelashes are small and will change the curvature of the eyelashes band.



The Curled Eyelashes and Long Eyelashes are like the DM DH DB DX series (20-28mm), which is very suitable for the No. 3 No. 4 eyelash tray. The eyelash tray is relatively large, and the eyelashes are not crowded. If these eyelashes use the NO.1 and NO.2 eyelashes, it will be very crowded, and the two pairs of eyelashes will cross, and the curvature of the eyelashes will also change.


  • Quantity

Many customers like to put all the eyelashes on one Eyelash Support, like many customers are Makeup Artist customers, which is very convenient.

When you want a series or some of the Featured Eyelashes to be selected for the customer’s choice, the No.5 and No.6 eyelashes are very helpful, and the Eyelash Book can print the name, information, etc. of your store.


Picking the Right Eyelash tray for your eyelashes is just as important as choosing the right dress and a suitable lover for yourself.

It is also important to choose a suitable Eyelashes Supplier. As a Best Eyelash Vendor,we are willing to Custom Eyelashes, Custom  Lashes Boxes, etc. wholehearted service, just for you.

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