Why Do You Listen To Professional Advice When Choosing Lashes Packaging?

Why should you listen to professional advice when choosing Lashes packaging?

Many customers have their own designs and ideas when choosing Eyelash Packaging. This is good. Our company especially respects people who have their own ideas. However, after you have your own ideas, it is best to consult a professional designer is the design beautiful? is it perfect? Hermeslashes offers the most professional designers and can consult for free.

  • Custom Lashes Packaging

I have met such a customer who previously customized the eyelash box with other suppliers. He thinks that the box is all black and it will be very simple and beautiful. The idea is correct, but he ignores it and the eyelashes are black! And he customized the transparent Eyelash Holder.

The result is the following situation: the color of the eyelashes coincides with the background color, the customer can not even distinguish the length and style of the eyelashes, which is reduce the eyelash effect.

Our designer’s suggestion is that the bottom of the Eyelash Box is decorated with light colors to set off the Eyelashes. After all, the important role of the Eyelashes Box is to make the eyelashes look more delicate and highlight its features.

I have also encountered such a customer who wants to make a big window on the box and print his own logo when Custom Lashes Packaging. But his logo is a circle shape, he insisted on wanting a large window, which caused his logo to be small and visually unsatisfactory.
However, we have a variety of ways to satisfy him. It can be used to open the window in any shape, and it can not affect the display of the logo when the window is opened.



  • Lashes Sample Packaging

In order to facilitate customers and reduce customer cost investment, our company has ordered many styles of standard Sample Lashes Packaging. However, many customers tend to ignore some details when choosing the shape and size of the box.

Some customers like small Round Lashes Boxes, but he buys 25mm Long Eyelashes. If use 25mm long eyelashes in a small round box, the box will squeeze the eyelashes and change the curvature of the eyelashes. Small Rectangular Lashes Boxes don’t work either, the two eyelashes will be too close and cross-over, and the eyelashes will change over time.

At this time we should choose a large square box. The Square Lashes box is not only wide, but also high, it will not squeeze the eyelashes at all, nor will it cause the curvature of the eyelashes to change.

So, isn’t the big square box more suitable for all kinds of Mink Eyelashes? Of course not. When the customer chooses the Natural eyelashes, the large square box will make the eyelashes small, no beauty, and the arc will change the curvature of the eyelashes.
As shown below, the same natural eyelashes use a large square box that is not as good as a small rectangular box.


If these customers consult a professional designer before selecting a package, this will not happen.

Because of the heart, we are more professional. Hermeslashes pays more attention to detail than anyone else and strives for perfection.

Choose Hermeslashes, we will use the most professional design aesthetics to help you choose a more Perfect Eyelash Packaging ~



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