Why The Minimum Order Quantity For The Custom Eyelash Box Is 100 Pieces?

Why The Minimum Order Quantity For The Custom Eyelash Box Is 100 Pieces? Not 20 Pieces Or 30 Pieces ?

As more and more people start to create their own Eyelash Brands, a package that suits their personality is becoming more and more popular. Hermeslashes offers a variety of Custom Eyelashes Box, regardless of size, shape, color, design, we can satisfy you. But there is a premise, we recommend a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

So, why is the minimum order quantity for Custom Packaging Boxes 100 pieces? Not 20pieces or 30 pieces? Are we wanting to earn more money from you? Is it mandatory for you to buy more? – Of course not, we are just considering for you.

  • On the one hand, the craft.

What does craft represent?– Quality.

The processing Eyelash Box consists of two machines, one is a smaller machine and the other is a larger machine. Small machines are used to process boxes of up to 100 pieces, and large machines are used to process more than 100 boxes. why? –Because the big machine is the most advanced equipment, it is especially expensive. The cost of starting it once is high. Generally, it only accepts large quantities of orders, and the Lashes Box produced by it is more perfect. Although the boxes produced by small machines are also beautiful, the production of large machines is more perfect. And this machine is not available in every box factory.


  • On the other hand, the price.

What does price represent?– Your profit.

In terms of quantity, it seems that the smaller the quantity, the lower the price. But this is not the case.

We all know that a Custom Eyelash Box is unique and generates a fee called a filming cost. Before production, the factory has to make a template, color, shape, size, etc. for this box. If the quantity is more than 100 pieces, it is possible to avoid this cost, which is considered mass production. However, if the quantity is small, the factory will charge a template fee of approximately 50usd.

For example,I will calculate for you. If you want a custom boxes, the unit price of 50 pieces is 2usd, the total price of the box is 100usd, plus the filming fee of 50usd, a total of 150usd.

But if you customize 100 boxes, the unit price is 1.8usd, a total of 180usd.

150usd 50 boxes and 180usd 100 boxes, in fact, 100pieces is more cost-effective.

This comparison of data is more clear, the more the quantity, the more cost-effective. If its 300 pieces, 500 pieces, the unit price will be cheaper.


Finally, the box, like the 3D Mink Eyelashes, is a consumable item and can be sold soon. Many customers purchase 100pieces customes lashes box and they ues to the following orders, it will not increase costs and will not cause inventory. .


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