Why Is Hermeslashes Minimum Order Quantity For Minklashes Sample Orders Is Ten Pairs?

Why Is Hermeslashes Minimum Order Quantity For Minklashes Sample Orders Is Ten Pairs?


Many customers want to buy some Sample Minklashes to test and compare when purchasing eyelashes. The minimum order quantity for many Lashes Suppliers on the market is 100 pairs. It is obviously unreasonable to test the quality with 100 pairs Mink Eyelashes. So after we consider a lot of factors, in order to help you maximize your benefits, MOQ is set to only 10 pairs.

There are also a small number of customers who want to buy a pair of 3D Eyelash to test quality. Is this more cost-effective? —of course not.

  • For the Eyelash Freight costs, generally within the normal volume range, the first weight of the courier is 0.5kg. Its means the courier below 0.5 kg, the cost is the same.

For example, if the shipping costs is 20usd whithin 0.5kg and if the lashe is 6usd per pair. For you, the cost of buying 1 pair of eyelashes is 26usd. And if you buy 10 pairs, the total cost is 80usd. Compared 26usd 1pair with 80usd 10 pairs, it is clear that 10 pairs are more favorable and more cost-effective.

{How to calculate the shipping cost of the sample order, please click here to read more:What’s the Cost to Ship the 3d Mink Eyelash Samples and How to figure out? }


  • On the other hand, you can choose different styles for 10 pairs of the Best Eyelashes. You can’t fully understand the Besutiful Eyelashes if only through pictures and videos. You can choose Different Styles Of  Eyelashes. Then you can know it by touch, measurement and test. Its also helpful to choose your next Wholesale Eyelash order’s styles.

Hermeslashes, aiming to be your best quality supplier.

In order to facilitate the choice of customers, we offer a series of discount combinations according to the length and thickness of the style, which can be used for your reference.

Natural Mink Lashes

Long Mink Lashes

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