Is it possible to clean and reuse false eyelashes?

Collects your desired things. Before clean the false eyelashes, collect the following things. To do this method you need to follow the instruction:

Makeup remover is made to remove especially eye makeup

  • Cotton balls
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton swab/Q-tip

Make your hand clean. Wash the hand with tap water and with the antibacterial soap. Do not handle the false eyelashes with dirty hands as it may cause irritation. Get your hand wet with running water from the tap.

Make foam on your hand for twenty minutes, make the targeted area like a gap of the fingers, the back of the hands, under part of the fingernails. Wash with clean water and make it dry with clean towel.

How to clean flash lashes

Take out your false lashes. Carefully remove it and make it clean. Use fingers pads on your fingernails or something such as tweezers that may damage the eyelashes.

Then grasp the eyelash with the forefinger or thumb. Then peel the band inward softly. The lashes will easily come out.

Soal, the cotton ball with makeup remover, swab the false lashes. Move the swab along fake lashes with slow motion. Rub the swab from the tip of the lashes or to the end of the lashes, get the adhesive strip. Do it until makeup is removed well.

Do it to the opposite site again. Turn the flash over. Take a fresh cotton swab and soak it with makeup remover. Do the same thing on the other side of the lashes. Move from the top to the tip. Be sure to swipe the swab to the adhesive band. Be sure there is no makeup.

Apply tweezers to eliminate glue. There remains some glue stuck over the lashes. You may use tweezers to remove the glue. See the glue that are on the lashes. If you see, the glue take the tweezers.

Pull off the glue with the tweezers. With one hand hold the glue and use another hand to hold the pads with the fingers. Pulling the lashes may damage the fake lashes.

Pur the fresh cotton swab inside the rubbing alcohol and rinse the lash strip. You like to be sure that there is no glue or makeup on the lash strip.

Dip the cotton swab and rub alcohol and wipe to the line of lash strip. This may disinfect the strip so you may use it safely once again on your lash line later.

Use a Container to Remove Your False Eyelashes

Most people like this procedure as the lashes will be dipped into the bowl of alcohol or hot soapy water or makeup remover to remove mascara and glue. Mascara will make the lashes brittle and will break if you do not clean for a long time.

What you need:

  • fan brush
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tooth or Lash brush
  • Paper towel/tissue paper
  • Small plastic container or bowl
  • Make-up remover


Pour some amount of alcohol into the plastic container, and keep the dirty lashes inside the container or bowl. Alcohol may be alternated with the makeup remover and may create soapy water.

Permit the lashes to soak with the alcohol for sometimes

In the meantime wash your hand with soap as well as water.

Use your hand, tweezers, select the lash from the bowl. Pull the glue from the lashes with using tweezers, and do not use it closely to the eye as it may cause irritation. Do it again and again until glue removes entirely.

Put it on the paper towel, for cleaning mascara use clean fan brush from the lashes. Dip brush within alcohol make the mascara residue, keep the lash back in alcohol and set the other.

Mind it, turn the lashes on the other side and clean the underside. Do it again until more mascara comes off, and no lash glue will remain afterward.

Use the comb’s teeth to enter into the deep of the hair so that the strands are separated and excellent. Apply eyebrow comb to be sure that there is no mascara left, notice for the last if there is any mascara residue or glue over the lashes.

I like to use alcohol over makeup remover as it is oily and leaves no residue over the lashes. On the contrary, alcohol dries first. It may disinfect the lash strip.

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