Techniques For Applying False Eyelashes

Have you ever dreamed of batting long, luxurious eyelashes at a man who suits your fancy, but quickly snapped yourself back into reality once you realized that you hardly have eyelashes?

Well, all is not lost. You can make your dream come true and still bat fabulous eyelashes by using what the makeup artists to the stars swear by false eyelashes!

Talk about looking glamorous. Once you learn to apply false eyelashes, your eyes will be hypnotizing.

Before you apply false eyelashes, you must have the right tools , a mirror, mascara, small scissors and eyelash adhesive.

False eyelashes are a bit easier to work with if you have a lighted makeup mirror that turns up. But, if you have a mirror side down on your cosmetics table so that you can look down, that will work well also.

Next, you should apply mascara to your own lashes. This will help your lashes to blend with the false lashes.

When applying mascara, horizontal application is the best. The tapered brush will allow you to control your application even on lower lashes. You can thicken, lengthen and build your lashes until you get the effect you desire. Let the mascara dry between applications for best results.

Next, you want to make sure that the lashes are the same width as your eyelid. It is important that you trim width of lash to fit the eyelid size. Do not trim the length of the lash though.

Then , you should apply a fine, even line of eyelash adhesive on rim of false lash. Make sure the false lashes are clean before applying. Unclean lashes with residue won’t work well with the adhesive. Wait a second or two so that adhesive becomes tacky.

Now you’re ready to apply the false lash. Bend it in a U shape to fit the contour of your natural eyelid. Find the center of your eye. Place the false lash strip on the lid as close to your own as possible. Make adjustments with your forefinger. With the trumb and forefinger, press the lash close to your own. Any adhesive on the eyelid will dry and become transparent in three to five minutes.

Presto, there you have it! Glamorous lashes in a flash.

When removing false eyelashes, take the forefinger and thumb and pull from inside corner outward. Remove the adhesive with your fingers. Place the lashes into the container.

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